Monday, January 11, 2010


Today was the first day of school for the semester.
Today was the first day I had a car to drive myself to class.
Today was the first day I felt a huge amount of relief off of my chest because I have transportation.
Today was the first day I did something other than unpack/pack from/for a trip in 3 weeks.
Today I took a break from all the anxiousness from starting something new, put on knee high socks, made myself good food, played with the puppy and took some pictures.
My dad and mom gave me this necklace for christmas. it's a fossil. I feel like a huge part of my family is with me when I'm wearing it. Not because they gave it to me, but my parents love fossils. and I love my parents. Therefore Becca ♥s fossils.
knee high socks
i found this book while i was at home. my parents being geologists, I wasn't even surprised when this 3 ft tall book appeared in the living room. What they needed it for, I have no idea. But it was too funny not to document.

have you done something that was a first today?

Do you want to know my new years resolutions?
- keep hydrated (it sounds silly but it makes a huge difference.)
- climbing wise, not to use my short wingspan or height as an excuse (that was my resolution last year)
-be honest. be true. be happy.

I've been honest so far, told someone exactly how I felt.
I've been true to who I am and what I stand for.
I'm happy.


  1. Ofcourse I read this one, but I really do need to drink more water.

  2. you are beautiful and talented and i love you very much!