Thursday, January 21, 2010

frozen in time

Today I went on an adventure.
I found abandoned shoes, boots and skates.
I found empty couches that once held people next to each other.
I found shopping carts that were burnt orange with rust and age.
I found intricate art that had taken hours to conceive.
I found mattresses that had been a ship for people to sleep.
I found fridges that had been in someones house and ovens that used to be in the kitchen. Probably to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

But mostly, among all these items that had been abandoned,
left, forgotten about and trashed..
I found an immense amount of peace.

Just like your mom used to make.
This picture is quite possibly my favorite. It reminds me of mothers, people that are supposed to be comforting, a safe spot to run to. But here, this place where it was painted, isn't a safe spot, this is among a terrifying place that isn't comforting at all.

I guess I found peace because among all the lost-ness and the destruction, things were awfully beautiful.

Hope for tomorrow.
Hope for today.

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