Monday, January 25, 2010

no strings attached

There have been moments where I want to fly away
to just lift off and leave with jets on my feet

Photos help me do that. I can temporarily fly away, I can float to a place where no one else can see the creativity spilling out the edges of my mind. Recently I have felt an overwhelming sense of flight. I don't really know what I'm running from, other than the fact that I am stressed out by multiple things that shouldn't be stressing me out so much. So I take breaks, take pictures, eat chocolate, drive, do things that can take me outside of my racing mind. I have been so frustrated lately I guess with being tied down. My soul is begging for things to make it free. With 18 credits and a huge project proposal for National Geographic, I have been constantly forcing myself to concentrate. So I feel like these pictures help me cut the strings and not be tied down.

hey, hold tight.

this picture makes me think of a couple things.
the past

The past is over, time is now, don't let fear control you.

I have been thinking about my Uncle Todd a lot lately, if he would be proud of what I'm doing with my life, what climbing trips we would be planning if he were here, what story would he tell to make us all laugh. I found these lyrics and it creativity struck me immediately: Soon there will be images to these soulful words.

"I hear you call me, branches break in the wind
and through the leaves and concrete you're gonna grow into something that death can't steal
a garden that gives, sprouts come up glowing
fruits of jade and golden silver trees to mark the legacy
of a life that finally learned what this means

the invisible choir sings you a voiceless lesson
so you'll always remember what grew out of decisions that death can't steal
lives that learned to give when it seemed there was nothing
oh, how much more it meant to those around we go
there's a rhythm soft and slow
you'll always hear the choir if you listen close"

be sweet.

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