Wednesday, January 13, 2010

things that can make you happy.

I took a drive today because I wanted to.
I turned up the music really really loud.
I sang at the top of my lungs. Like really. At the tippy top of my lungs.
Why? you may ask?
Because my soul was bursting. It was like one of those things that I was crying and laughing singing (obviously) really loudly because I was so happy. I don't really know why except for things in my life are going incredibly well right now.

So today's blog is about being happy, things that make me happy, things that should make you happy, etc.

getting lost. it sounds silly, but i love getting lost with good company. it's not fun to get lost by yourself and it's not fun to get lost with people you can't stand. But really, I suggest you get lost every once and awhile.
love. once you give yourself over to it, you have felt what it is like to be alive. And really, I strongly believe everyone should get their heart broken once in their lives either by something or someone. And even though it is an incredibly painstakingly hard thing to go through and you wish it would end, it teaches you more about life than you would ever imagine. And from what I can remember, I have never felt so alive in my life. To feel that amount of emotion is powerful. And like I said, even though it sucks, it will make you better.
having someone. I have heard it many times and I completely agree each time, cooking is so much more enjoyable when you have someone to cook for. Sleeping is so much better when you have someone next to you, and laughing is much better when you have someone to laugh with. I miss having someone around, but I am doing good things on my own as well. It will be the right time eventually.
capturing. The ability to capture a moment forever, how insanely cool is that? I in fact, as you probably know, love to catch these memories for people. Something about showing someone that memory, that they can forever hold in their pockets sends rockets flying out of my heart. It's like helping people remember. I find it interesting that one of my worst fears is forgetting. I think it's because I have such a good memory, that I don't know what I would do without it. It terrifies me that one day I might not be able to remember what an amazing life I have. But for now, I have it. And I have the ability to pause time for eternity for someone and myself. And that, is an incredible gift that i'm grateful for.

In conclusion, these are things that make me happy. these are things that make my world spin, that make it easy to get out of bed in the morning and smile and give me the ability to love so deeply. Thank you for being a part of my life.

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